The Science Behind This Change Making ProgramA little bit about why Jazzles ELA is so important for today's educational challenges.

More about What Jazzles ELA Does and How

Broadly, most children that readily achieve reading fluency do so because their parents have a literacy 'rich' background.

But what if the parents have no literacy background and can't functionally read?
Look at the figures! Forget reading to children in bed as the savior for literacy! Nearly 1-in-2 kids in the US and 3 in 10 in UK have no books. I cannot find a figure for Australia but adult functional illiteracy and innumeracy is 47% as a national average (48.7% in the US) - hardly the ideal incubator for developing reading skills.

The Jazzles 'animated reading songs' succeed with all kids but importantly, with children from low or no English literacy backgrounds.

The system's essence is a series of carefully structured animated alliterative lyrics that create rich recallable vocabulary (with understanding) across a mixed-ability class.

This provides the scaffolding for discussions, role play, reading and writing scenarios. Activated oral vocabulary is viewed as multimodal texts from which children can learn sight words, grammatical information, the use of punctuation and spelling. It's VAK-T.

Through music, song, laughter and performance, Jazzles ELA effortlessly develops all 6 beginning reading skills: Alphabetic Principle, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Fluency and Concepts about Print.

Very Importantly - It's Pure Howard Gardener!

In his just released book, 'The App Generation', Howard Gardner says, "Pluralize your teaching. Teach important materials in several ways, not just one (e.g. through stories, works of art, diagrams, role play)."

Pluralization is a critical attribute of the Jazzles ELA program - and very important for ESL/SPED students in mixed ability classes.

What's going on inside children's brains, when Jazzles Music is going on?

Anecdotal evidence suggests 'lots'. Now we are we are encouraging world-leading psychologists and neuroscientists to research the Jazzles system and discover why it's helping children to read earlier and read faster with a carry-over in other cognitive areas including math.

Here's a few big clues - the importance of music!
The science of music and song is at the heart of why Jazzles works. With the growth in brain imaging techniques, it is only in the past 10 years that an organized community of psychologists and neuroscientists has joined together to research music and the brain.

Most research as to how music changes our minds and what that means for education, has been conducted across general or very specific areas.

For example, the relationship between music and memory. Why some songs get stuck in our heads (with Jazzles, they are supposed to!) How music engages us. How a key change/break in the pattern of music (included in Jazzles) dynamically changes the landscape of activity in the brain. Why syncopated music, like Latin, Mambo and Samba (heavily used in Jazzles) is more powerful than others in bringing our brains alive. How music creates emotions and makes us want to move. And new discoveries - how music changes our brain's plasticity, make us smarter. How it improves auditory capabilities. The relationship between music and verbal language including the processing of linguistic syntax. And of course, the benefits of music for remedial therapy, etc.

Why Jazzles is so important for researchers and you!

The subject of two theses, Jazzles ELA delivers outcomes matching the research findings and discussions from experts in this field including Lawrence Parsons, Jamshed Bharucha, Daniel J. Levitin and Aniruddh Patel (etc).

Targeting PreK, Kindergarten and ESL/EFL, Jazzles ELA is unique. It is the only fully integrated, song-powered curriculum program in the world. So it's the only program that can be used to research the power of music at the most important developmental period for children, in the most important curriculum subject, measurable over time in a real educational environment.

Think About the Implications!
If current research findings in the science of music and song apply to Jazzles ELA, then the program will be shown to make children smarter, help them read earlier and read faster and, hopefully reduce reading failure from around 30% to say 5% or less. That's my aim. Join me.

Introducing Lesley BethBlending teaching, composing and graphics skills to create a new learning paradigm.

Created by Lesley Beth, Jazzles ELA is the world's only Arts Integrated program meeting UNESCO criteria. Using songs to teach reading, Lesley specializes in alliterative songs called 'ear-worms' - pieces of music that get stuck in your head so you hear it, even when not playing - an important memory booster, widely used for advertising jingles. Lesley is a recipient of honorable mentions by American Songwriter Magazine, and International Songwriting Competition.

Arts Integration

Jazzles ELA is the only scalable Arts in Education program synchronized to literacy and early learning. As would be expected for an ELA program targeting PreKs to G1, the program focuses on the curriculum areas of literacy and language. However, through the Arts, it also develops vital non-cognitive skills including work ethic, teamwork, collaboration, oral communication, critical thinking, agreeableness, self-esteem, creativity and innovation.

Having developed the program over a 10 year period, we've come to realize Arts in Education is perceived as quite a shift in curriculum methodology. So here is a little bit about why it is so important to overcome the challenges raised by diversity in our public school system.

One of our program's strengths is the role Arts in achieving truly exceptional levels of engagement - so simplifying mixed ability classroom management issues.

A 2007 PISA ( OECD) study, showed levels of 'engagement' was the single factor that differentiated the nations with the highest and lowest levels of student achievement.

Engagement should be a critical, if not the highest rated factor in selection of curriculum resources yet it rarely appears if ever as a selection criteria for curriculum resources.

Class diversity is the single biggest challenge in our schools. Arts Integration is its silver bullet - because it can be used, as we do, to automatically engage every child's learning styles to differentiate instruction and slash (really slash) disruption.

IMPORTANTLY, we use the Arts to power the oft neglected area of vocabulary development - through drama and performance. Now you would think educators would get the role of the Arts in terms of its ability to engage poor kids, ESL kids, gifted kids, and the proven role of arts therapy for SPED inc autistic children.

That's what our program achieves! What we (or more precisely Lesley Beth) has done is to pioneer a unique methodology that systematically integrates the Arts to create exceptional levels of emotional and intellectual engagement to develop all 6 skills of literacy.

It works. Achievement outcomes are way beyond the expectations of teachers and parents. Even oppostionally defiant children melt to the charms of the animations and the catchy music. In an independent thesis, 38% of a kindergarten class ( 50% on free lunch) attained year end literacy in 12 weeks of the first trimester.

Based on a UNESCO report ( Releasing the Power of the Arts), JazzlesELA is the only best case example of an arts integrated curriculum program.

Unlike A+ schools, Appletree ( DC) etc. Jazzles ELA is highly scalable and affordable because it is entirely digitally delivered, uses primary teaching skills - not specialist skills and works on standard student-teacher ratios.

"One of my students cried today because we didn't have time for Jazzles, I mean real tears. I will make sure that never happens again. They love all the songs and we are working with letter 'Nn' currently. Jazzles has made a difference in my program, and the kids request it, sometimes even with tears!!"

"My goal is to have my children love books, reading and school. My kids also tend to enter school with a limited vocabulary, so vocabulary building is high on the list of goals. Jazzles absolutely helps me reach my goals!"

"Thanks for helping my kids have wonderful memories of their PK3 year. I know they will remember all the wonderful Jazzles songs. You are able to see how the children have changed from shy, unsure 3 year olds to confident 'big' kids."

"This morning the children had a wonderful time painting M melons and adding fingerprint seeds. We also role played along with the song and the kids are now asking for a repeat performance! Yes, we did use the balanced meal printable and we made a T chart of 'Mmm! Healthy Foods and Ugh! Not Healthy Foods! The children loved both activities."

"I will out of town all next week, but I have a wonderful sub, who is a degreed teacher, she will present the T lessons. She has seen my children using Jazzles and is excited to be able to experience the fun and learning that goes with Jazzles!"

Mixed Ability ClassroomsReal-Time Solution

"I do think that you are right to focus on Jazzles providing a real-time solution for mixed ability groups. I have a class of 21 students this year with no aide 'this is pretty typical'. Since I work for a public school, I have students that come in with lots of previous education from pre-schools and some that come with absolutely no exposure to education. This does make it more difficult to teach but your program seems to engage all students no matter what their ability level is at. Showing your program aligns with the Common Core State Standards is also very beneficial to you."

Why choose Jazzles ELA

  • Time Tested

    Ten years in classrooms. Proven success in mixed ability classes. Supported by two independent theses and hundreds of teacher reviews.

  • Only VAK Arts Integrated Multimedia ELA Program

    Arts Integration is a buzzword but few if any other than Jazzles ELA match UNESCO criteria. Extensive research has failed to find any other program that combines AiE, VAK and multimedia with the academic rigor of Jazzles ELA that meets/exceeds Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten ELA.

  • Affordable. Scalable

    Only $90 a month for a whole school. Under $20 for a class. Delivered digitally. PD requires only usual teaching skills, not specialist teaching skills.

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