Powerful Themed Multisensory Activity Pages!Rapidly Developing Oral Vocabulary, Reading and Creative Writing Skills!

Jazzles ELA uses multiple mnemonic strategies, particularly mini-drama, to achieve breadth and depth of word knowledge no matter what the child's background.

Case Study

A child was having difficulty recalling the initial sound 'c' in a word. Having previously collaged the Jazzles CRAFT page for the letter 'c' with instant coffee, she was able thereafter to recall the sound by remembering her experience of smelling the coffee!

As you can see, Jazzles ELA has many reasons it works but one is simple.

Designed to fully engage the brain!

Like the coffee example above, the Jazzles ELA Pedagogy is simultaneously multisensory, applying as many senses as possible to create 'Mnemonics for Literacy'. These include the senses of:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Motion
  • Balance
  • Smell

Says James J. Harrigan, Principal of New York State Recognized Closing the Gap School:

"What Jazzles really does superbly is take these traditional early childhood classroom activities, and through its interactive program of music, movement and creative games, it enhances and reinforces the literary skills expected of kindergarten and grade one students today."

Jazzles multisensory activity pages are thematically created for every unit to reinforce literacy skills practiced in the key JazzleOke resources.

Without using specialist teachers, Jazzles ELA utilizes the mnemonic roles of music, creative arts and guided play to deliver engaging, intuitive learning and superior early literacy outcomes that can be assessed using standard State benchmarks. These include DIBELS, Scott Foresman Reading Street, Reading A-Z, etc.

"Those in multisensory environments always do better than those in unisensory environments. They have more recall with better resolution that lasts longer, evident even 20 years later," says the New York Times review of the 2008 Best Seller, 'Brain Rules -- 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School' by Dr. John Medina (http://brainrules.net/).

That's why creative arts feature so prominently in Jazzles ELA.

Children immersed in Jazzles appreciate that all the activities they enjoy are directed at building their knowledge and literacy skills related to words, letter-sounds, understanding of texts, sentence structures and writing, particularly creative writing using Jazzles Storyboard activity pages.

Jazzles - Where You Can Have Both NCLB and No Child Left Bored!

It is estimated that more than 70% of U.S. school districts have cut back or eliminated arts programs because of the impact of the type of assessments created by the 'No Child Left Behind' act that negate the arts and creativity in education.

Adversely impacting student and teacher morale, diminishing Creative Arts is counter-productive and totally unnecessary.

Like Oklahoma's 'A+ Schools', the Jazzles ELA curriculum strategically emphasizes the arts in ways that thematically link and develop cross-curricula literacy skills.

Rather than winnowing arts from the curriculum, this video is a quick glimpse into how Jazzles uses the arts and learning styles, to creatively engage, enhance and accelerate children's literacy development.

Nothing Much to Do! So Much to Gain!

Arts, crafts and creativity play an important role in engaging student diversity to enrich literacy. With Jazzles, all you need to do is print off the activity pages and occassionally organize some readily available craft materials.
Click the button to access a free lesson plan to see how easy, how much fun and how much value it will be!

Using Arts & Crafts

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