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If every child had access to Jazzles, there would be little illiteracy.

Despite 60 years of national focus on reading development, from the 1960's ESEA legislation to the NCLB initiative, the majority of children in the U.S. are still failing to read at a proficient level. These statistics, based on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) of reading achievement, are sobering, if not alarming.

Jazzles ELA represents the first real opportunity to break through and defy these odds, by using the power of music, song and multimedia to creatively engage children in mixed ability classes at very high levels.

Clearly corresponding with any balanced, comprehensive and sequential reading curriculum, Jazzles ELA is the one and only transformative literacy system offering multiple ways for every child, irrespective of socio-economic status, to learn not just all 6 big ideas of reading, but also vital non-cognitive skills essential to their future.

No Child Left Bored! When You See, Laugh, Hear, Move and Song - You Remember Everything!

Each JazzleOke animated song is an alliterative story that transforms into an engaging subtitled animation, interactive books, computer games with literacy focused extensions into craft, drama, arts, music and language themed, cross-curriculum activities.

Jazzles ELA's games and activities are consistent with the essential elements of reading, developing all six essential skills. These include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary development and concepts about print. Plus, the program emphasizes nearly three quarters of the English language words included in most high fluency and sight word lists.

Jazzles excels in numerous areas, the most critical being:

As the populations of ELL/SPED increase in number and percentage in our schools, Jazzles offers the one and only pragmatic solution to help these students reach state and national literacy standards.

No Child Ever Forgets the Reading Skills in this Mini Song-Powered Literacy Package!

Guaranteed to engage even the most challenging child. JazzleOke song-powered cartoons dramatically and inuitively teach all essential literacy skills.

Unlike subtitles, close captioning and karaoke, Jazzles creates a binding relationship between the audio, the sound track, the visualization and the specially formatted 'Matching Captions'.

This enables children to 'take-out' letter-sounds, while familiarizing themselves with words, phrases and meanings.

By mixing entertaining cartoons with catchy music, prolifically alliterative alphabetic lyrics and specially formatted subtitles, Jazzles engages intellectually and emotionally at extraordinarily high levels.

Even I am amazed by these 4 year-olds!

I will emphasize, right upfront, these two 4 year olds attend a private Ohio Pre-K.

However, what amazed me, is that just one week after starting with Jazzles, the children are not only tracking words one by one, but they are even self-correcting.

The video was shot in January 2011 in the children's first week using the Jazzles 'Angry Alligator' unit with its JazzleOke cartoon about an angry alligator who bullies an African ant.

The teacher has created a worksheet with a printed caption line from the Jazzles 'Angry Alligator' Song Lyrics.

The line says: 'An angry alligator told an African ant.'

Rather like storyboarding, these children have each drawn a picture to express their interpretation of the angry alligator lyrical line - so reinforcing comprehension.

Immersed in the storyline, both are now reading the printed text left to right, so mastering an essential skill of 'Concepts About Print' that Jazzles excels at developing.

Note: The children in the background shot, are a 'Headstart' in San Antonio, 2011-2012. 95%, (but from English speaking homes) these children achieved two years literacy outcomes in the first year.

Said their teacher "Lesley, thanks for helping my kids have wonderful memories of their PK3 year. I know they will remember all the wonderful Jazzles songs. You are able to see how the children have changed from shy, unsure 3 year olds to confident 'big kids'".

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