Stunning Multimedia ResourcesFeaturing 'Animated Reading Songs' - No wonder children love their 'Jazzles Time'!

Jazzles ELA is the only 'Arts-Integrated' kindergarten ELA program that is fully integrated with rich, interactive multimedia to achieve exceptional levels of emotional and intellectual engagement. It has 26 creative, song-themed units, each with the internet-delivered resources illustrated below. Plus, there are 26 sets of 'time-saving', advanced ELA Lesson Plans to guide the creative learning and the use of its multimedia resources.

Importantly, Jazzles ELA meets/exceeds Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten ELA as well as the 3 core principles of the Universal Design for Learning.

With many classes sizes growing, schools need to raise the criticality of selecting resources that take the strain out of engaging students - allowing teachers to teach!

A 2007 PISA (OECD) study, showed levels of 'engagement' was the single factor that differentiated the nations with the highest and lowest levels of student achievement. That is why Jazzles ELA is one program, maybe the only program, that places engagement at the top of its design as a learning necessity for today's mixed ability/diverse kindergarten intake.

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