Just got in the best news of the day from a great teacher, Judy Toscano, a Headstart PreK teacher at Schulze Elementary School, Texas. 
“Took a look at the new Jazzles ELA interface. It’s great!  Love the menu on the side. I think it will be easy for the children to navigate.  Also like the different levels of the JazzleOke, great for all levels of learners.
As for how my 2011-2012 students are doing, the pre-k 4 teachers and the kindergarten teachers can see a huge difference between my students that have used Jazzles and other students that have not. 
They demonstrate a more advanced vocabulary and have letter names and letter sounds more developed.  My students also show better scores on the assessments we administer then the other pre-3 classes on my campus.” 
While I designed Jazzles for Kindergarten and Grade 1, it’s ongoing success in PreK is amazing. Thanks Judy. Appreciated.

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