Note to Curriculum Directors:


Over the last few years, I’ve learned from experience that educators perceived as open minded innovators are not necessarily so.
More often than not, they have their own agendas – and Jazzles ELA is not on the list.
1. Jazzles is an inconvenient truth! You can have a highly creative, highly engaging, massively scalable ELA pedagogy that works within the current PreK-G1 infrastructure. You do not need to reinvent teachers; you just need to do what I have done. Go to the workbench, create and fund the development of the resources that are ‘right’ for today’s classrooms of mixed ability children.
2. Jazzles is as complete a program as you can find. There are no books! It’s all digitally delivered. So major publishers aren’t interested in licensing because we won’t allow them to break Jazzles up into multiple program packages and text books that supersize the price.
3. Jazzles is largely intuitive. It requires very little training and its lesson plans, activity pages and interactive resources are delivered online cost efficiently!
4. It’s also a ‘disruptive innovation’. On one side of the equation, schools will experience fewer children in pullouts for reading/ ESL support. So there will be less need for intervention programs, etc. On the other hand, schools will be able to harness the ability of specialist teachers to use their skills of music, dance and drama to power literacy, confidence and social skills.

Economically, Jazzles ELA is easy to scale across a school, an ISD, a State and from school-to-home. Providing there’s electricity, broadband/wireless, a computer, IWB or even a TV, you can deliver Jazzles ELA. Weather, epidemics and school holidays no longer matter, so children can have access to continued learning all the time.

And, in a world where so many parents are hurting (1 in 4 parents don’t know where the next meal is coming from), Jazzles not only delivers learning, but also joy and hope.

An Anecdote
Two of the best known educational creativity experts are Lord David Puttnam and Sir Ken Robinson. Both challenge the way we’re educating our children. In November 2010, my husband, Kevin Condon, tried to meet with Lord Puttnam to discuss obtaining his support for Jazzles as a new creative way to engage 21st Century children.
While the schedules didn’t match, Lady Puttnam asked an interesting question.
“Why Kevin do you think you can succeed when David and Sir Ken can’t?”
The answer was simple. “Because we have the resources!”
You can help us make that answer become true by trying Jazzles out. Even in the last few weeks of this school year, you will be able to measure significant gains in cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

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2: Ear-Worms – Strategies Making the Jazzles Difference!


As a teacher, I have designed every aspect of the Jazzles program to do the heavy lifting in terms of VAK engagement, internalization and recall.

So What does the lifting?
Jazzles uses song-power and performance to engage VAK learning.
Think of it as the ‘American Idol’ for literacy!
Technically Jazzles is full of songs that are scientifically described as ‘ear-worms’. These are defined as ‘a piece of music that gets stuck in your head so you hear it, even when it is not being played’.

Jazzles Ear-Worms – a Huge Difference to Any Other ELA Program!
Uniquely, Jazzles applies ‘ear-worms’ strategically and comprehensively to English Language Arts’. The ear-worms are specifically composed to target beginning reading skills and oral language using my interactive reading songs resource – JazzleOke 1.

As explained yesterday, here’s one example of an ear-worm benefit. When a child is struggling in reading, they can automatically remember the sounds of the letters by recalling the songs – even when it is not being played. Another very strong benefit is predictive reading skills – developing at an early age the ability to predict in advance the most likely next word(s) in a sentence or phrase before actually reading them.
For example, ‘wake up‘, ‘love my‘, ‘lots of‘.
Without predictive reading skills, children will labor in reading and understanding. Predictive reading skills are also essential for our ESL/ELL students.

As research shows, with ear-worms, we are able to hear a song perfectly within memory. The ear may not necessarily be hearing the music, but the brain will hear it perceptually.

Ear-Worms, Phonemic Awareness and Mnemonics
Leaving animation aside, Jazzles songs are prolifically alliterative.
Children love alliteration that, especially in songs, acts as a very powerful language mnemonic, particularly in developing oral vocabulary, phonological awareness and alphabetic principle – 3 of the 5 most important predictors of future literacy success.

Every time students, interact with a JazzleOke 1, they are seeing, hearing, singing, moving, tapping, performing, dramatizing, creating actions or playing a percussion instrument to the beat.
So every child’s learning style profile is engaged for maximum learning.
They are intuitively learning the 6 big ideas learning to read and happily practicing oral English!
What other literacy/ESL program has children eagerly and happily practicing?

“My kindergarten students sing along with the Jazzles songs constantly and I was astonished
to see how much their (DIBELS, Scott Foresman Reading Street and Reading A-Z) scores improved after incorporating the JAZZLES songs. Using actions helps with the total brain stimulation and actually rote memorization as well.”
The ‘Big Picture’ Jazzles Difference!
Note: Please help me. I’ve self-funded Jazzles ELA. So please send the link to your colleagues, principal, curriculum director and your friends!

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1: Song-Powered ELA – Strategies Making the Jazzles Difference!


Song-powered, multimedia Jazzles ELA is a unique 21st Century, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic pedagogy with a new ‘learn to read’ approach featuring humorous, animated reading songs.
Why song- powered?
At the core of each of the Jazzles 26 song themed units, is JazzleOke 1 – an animated, ‘reading song’ with matching captions.

JazzleOke 1 is a highly effective mini ‘learn to read’ tutorial.
Using choral singing tracking specially formatted ‘Matching Captions’ left to right, (no musical skills needed), the prolifically alliterative song lyrics become ‘familiarized’ text from which reading (with understanding), writing and communication skills are intuitively learned, taught and consolidated.

It’s ‘big picture’ learning that children prefer.
It makes sense to learn sight/high frequency words, letter/sounds, grammatical features, phonemic awareness and concepts about print etc. from an internalized ‘song story’ text that is understood.
Here’s how a teacher explains it:
“I use Jazzles with first grade and Kindergarten and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
When a child is struggling in reading, we often think about the sounds the letters make and the songs help us to remember those sounds. Their parents comment on the songs during conferences and some even know the words learned from their children. (School-to-home support.) Jazzles interactive is a blessing!”

The key is initial, thorough internalization of the song to maximize benefits.
There are many and varied, fun ways to practice and never ever using rote! Strategies are fully explained in each of the 26 ‘Advanced ELA Lesson Plans’.
Each Jazzles ELA Unit is packed with integrated, multimedia, multisensory resources and strategies that automatically engage students (even those hard to focus) at exceptional levels.
And thank you to all those teachers sending me feedback on their experiences using Jazzles!

TOMORROW’S Highlight.
Thinking of Jazzles as the ‘American Idol’ for literacy! The Jazzles strategy that lifts every child’s attention, engagement, active learning and joy.

Download the free Jazzles ‘Blue Bus Blues’ unit, check out the lesson plans and try it with your students.


And please help me. Send the link to your colleagues, principal, curriculum director and your friends!

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What Makes Jazzles Different?


Despite nearly 50 years of national focus on reading development, the majority of children are still failing to read at a proficient level.

So what’s going to change it all?
Jazzles ELA will, if you give me a helping hand!

Here’s the biggest hurdle.
Has anyone noticed we now have growing numbers of poor, ESL and SPED students in our mixed ability classes?
Has anyone asked what curriculum resources can teachers be offered that will emotionally and intellectually engage these students in order to overcome the growing challenge of beginning reading success?

Yet we hear all the time about what teachers need to do!
How we need to improve our skills, how we need to apply technology to engage our students, how we need to work harder and longer to develop our plans and resources.

I have a different take on what needs to be done.
What we never, ever, hear about is the crying need for a 21st Century pedagogy with integrated multimedia resources that will engage today’s students in mixed ability classes at very high levels.

There are lots of people ‘spruiking’ about non-scalable, unaffordable methodologies requiring lower pupil to teacher ratios, or technology solutions based on more rote to lift reading levels. Or telling us what’s wrong in today’s schools but without a fix!

In contrast, how often do you hear of a 21st Century solution that focuses on the skills that truly count – rich oral language, contextual phonological awareness/ letter/ word knowledge, background knowledge, concepts about print, visual literacy and vital non-cognitive skills?

So that’s what this Blog is about
Over the next 2 months, I will show you why Jazzles ELA is a new, highly effective, highly scalable ‘big picture’, VAK approach.

Now, I don’t have the resources to promote Jazzles ELA though traditional channels.

So help me make the story of Jazzles go viral.
FB, Tweet, Vine, YouTube and Blog your way around your colleagues, your superintendents, your curriculum directors, your family and friends.

It will help get the message out to all those teachers struggling with mixed abilities and required to improve scores.

A 2007 PISA (OECD) study, showed levels of ‘engagement’ was the single factor that differentiated the nations with the highest and lowest levels of student achievement.
I’d pitch Jazzles ELA against any PreK-G1/ESL curriculum program. It will win hands down!

Note: Jazzles meets/exceeds Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten ELA. Jazzles PreK offers the Foundation for CCSS Kindergarten ELA and 21st Century Readiness Success for Every Student.

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A Turning Point!


Here’s another ‘changing children’s lives’ feedback received on FaceBook:
“Really looking forward to this years Jazzles as my Junior Team kids in my school loved it. It was the turning point for some children with their reading.”
Keep them coming!

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