I love the feedback from our teachers. Here’s one from a teacher who works across PREK-G1 including ESL.
She covers today’s biggest educational challenge – mixed ability classes – and the importance of Jazzles with its VAK learning styles and engaging pedagogy.

“Here we are again – another semester and Jazzles too!
I use Jazzles all day and if I had my way I’d use only Jazzles but we have to use other stuff to!
Nothing else matches Jazzles for the multiple styles of learning it encompasses.
Along with recording the results on ESGI, I think it makes a HUGE difference!
This year we have younger children – lots of English as second language, speech problems, no English and low socioeconomic backgrounds.
So they are 3 and have come with very limited knowledge of colours, shapes, letters, their own names, listening, manners.
I spent most of the last day of the 2011-2012 school year in tears.
The parents were so lovely in all the words they said.
One dad cried too! They were so appreciative of how far their children had come and the fun they had with Jazzles and they all loved the regular Friday afternoon karoake (JazzleOke Friday) shows.
I’ve been teaching for a while now & I recommend Jazzles to everyone I meet!
Thought you’d like to know.”

Note: Jazzles is great for parent nights! Lots of parents end up in tears!

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