It’s all across the net! And booming. We are getting over 1,000 downloads a day of this Rock Gospel music backed song that is all about children identifying with ‘things they can’t do yet’, and ‘things they can do now’!
Click to Hear or Right Click to Download.
It lots of fun but also serious literacy!
Prolifically alliterative, the lyrics activate 65 words in connected text – 36 different including 16 starting with colorful C, 21 sight words (4 above primer).
It’s a great example of how Jazzles ELA combines vocabulary development and sight words in context.
The animation cleverly creates comprehension using the Jazzles strategy of synchronizing visuals and lyrics in ‘Matching Captions that also automatically develop left to right tracking skills.
It’s perfect for all our Visual-Kinesthetic learners!
And great for a ‘Clever Kids Night’- a choral singing event with parents applauding as their children clap, tambourine-play and dance to the gospel rock!
Try it out. You’ll find it’s great for creating discussions and expanding oral language. Just sit the children down and chat about what they couldn’t do when they were babies, but they can do now.
I ask them to sit in a circle and take turns saying, “I have already learned how to skip, but soon I want to learn to ride a bicycle.”
Lot’s more learning strategies like this follow!

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