Song-powered, multimedia Jazzles ELA is a unique 21st Century, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic pedagogy with a new ‘learn to read’ approach featuring humorous, animated reading songs.
Why song- powered?
At the core of each of the Jazzles 26 song themed units, is JazzleOke 1 – an animated, ‘reading song’ with matching captions.

JazzleOke 1 is a highly effective mini ‘learn to read’ tutorial.
Using choral singing tracking specially formatted ‘Matching Captions’ left to right, (no musical skills needed), the prolifically alliterative song lyrics become ‘familiarized’ text from which reading (with understanding), writing and communication skills are intuitively learned, taught and consolidated.

It’s ‘big picture’ learning that children prefer.
It makes sense to learn sight/high frequency words, letter/sounds, grammatical features, phonemic awareness and concepts about print etc. from an internalized ‘song story’ text that is understood.
Here’s how a teacher explains it:
“I use Jazzles with first grade and Kindergarten and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
When a child is struggling in reading, we often think about the sounds the letters make and the songs help us to remember those sounds. Their parents comment on the songs during conferences and some even know the words learned from their children. (School-to-home support.) Jazzles interactive is a blessing!”

The key is initial, thorough internalization of the song to maximize benefits.
There are many and varied, fun ways to practice and never ever using rote! Strategies are fully explained in each of the 26 ‘Advanced ELA Lesson Plans’.
Each Jazzles ELA Unit is packed with integrated, multimedia, multisensory resources and strategies that automatically engage students (even those hard to focus) at exceptional levels.
And thank you to all those teachers sending me feedback on their experiences using Jazzles!

TOMORROW’S Highlight.
Thinking of Jazzles as the ‘American Idol’ for literacy! The Jazzles strategy that lifts every child’s attention, engagement, active learning and joy.

Download the free Jazzles ‘Blue Bus Blues’ unit, check out the lesson plans and try it with your students.

And please help me. Send the link to your colleagues, principal, curriculum director and your friends!

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