Despite nearly 50 years of national focus on reading development, the majority of children are still failing to read at a proficient level.

So what’s going to change it all?
Jazzles ELA will, if you give me a helping hand!

Here’s the biggest hurdle.
Has anyone noticed we now have growing numbers of poor, ESL and SPED students in our mixed ability classes?
Has anyone asked what curriculum resources can teachers be offered that will emotionally and intellectually engage these students in order to overcome the growing challenge of beginning reading success?

Yet we hear all the time about what teachers need to do!
How we need to improve our skills, how we need to apply technology to engage our students, how we need to work harder and longer to develop our plans and resources.

I have a different take on what needs to be done.
What we never, ever, hear about is the crying need for a 21st Century pedagogy with integrated multimedia resources that will engage today’s students in mixed ability classes at very high levels.

There are lots of people ‘spruiking’ about non-scalable, unaffordable methodologies requiring lower pupil to teacher ratios, or technology solutions based on more rote to lift reading levels. Or telling us what’s wrong in today’s schools but without a fix!

In contrast, how often do you hear of a 21st Century solution that focuses on the skills that truly count – rich oral language, contextual phonological awareness/ letter/ word knowledge, background knowledge, concepts about print, visual literacy and vital non-cognitive skills?

So that’s what this Blog is about
Over the next 2 months, I will show you why Jazzles ELA is a new, highly effective, highly scalable ‘big picture’, VAK approach.

Now, I don’t have the resources to promote Jazzles ELA though traditional channels.

So help me make the story of Jazzles go viral.
FB, Tweet, Vine, YouTube and Blog your way around your colleagues, your superintendents, your curriculum directors, your family and friends.

It will help get the message out to all those teachers struggling with mixed abilities and required to improve scores.

A 2007 PISA (OECD) study, showed levels of ‘engagement’ was the single factor that differentiated the nations with the highest and lowest levels of student achievement.
I’d pitch Jazzles ELA against any PreK-G1/ESL curriculum program. It will win hands down!

Note: Jazzles meets/exceeds Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten ELA. Jazzles PreK offers the Foundation for CCSS Kindergarten ELA and 21st Century Readiness Success for Every Student.

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