Hi, I’m Lesley Beth
Jazzles ELA is the only program you will find designed to overcome the literacy and learning readiness challenges of children entering our schools from widely differing socio-economic backgrounds.

With poverty and ESL on the rise, you must share my concern that no scalable literacy program has been developed by any publisher to achieve high levels of engagement in mixed ability classes. Or that any publisher has crafted an engaging pedagogy to develop oral vocabulary (the essential precursor to reading and writing success) in tandem with social skills and vital learning confidence.

Research predicts what we all know in practice.
If children don’t experience some ‘beginning to read’ success in their ‘never to be repeated’ first year, they are likely to lose confidence, fall behind and risk never catching up.

Today, there’s a whole industry making money by telling us what’s wrong with our schools, our teachers, and our education system without actually contributing practical classrooms solutions.
I have.
I’ve used my own resources and skills to develop Jazzles ELA, an extensive, integrated. well-rounded multimedia, ELA system.

Internet delivered or network installed, Jazzles ELA is a VAK, learning styles ‘big picture’ learning methodology featuring a unique song-powered ‘Learn to Read’ resource that children love! And no! You don’t need musical expertise!

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By joining, you will see the unique aspects of Jazzles ELA that fast tracks literacy learning at an astonishing rate.
I will also provide the opportunities for you to try Jazzles ELA. Then, you can experience first hand, how the happy interactive environment that Jazzles creates, engages virtually every child in active learning.

I’d Love Your Help
I do not have the resources of big publishers to promote Jazzles ELA.
But I think you would agree that today, viral support is in many ways far more relevant.
Remember, Jazzles ELA is a rarity. It is the product of a working teacher who, like you, wants children to have ‘beginning school’ success.
So please be proactive.
Share Jazzles ELA with all your Facebook and Twitter followers.

Teachers report that Jazzles delivers so much joy and intuitive learning in times when so many families are hurting. 1 in 4 parents don’t even know where the next meal is coming from, so their children are hurting too. But Jazzles gives them lots of joy. Coming to school, and the happy environment Jazzles creates, has become something to look forward to and learn as well!
So please tell everyone you know about Jazzles ELA.
I thank you in advance for your support.
Lesley Beth.

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