OVERVIEWKey Features of the Jazzles ELA Arts Integrated Program

What's Going On Inside Children's Brains
When Jazzles is Going On?

Nearly 20 Ways Jazzles ELA achieves outstanding outcomes:

  • 1. Exceptional levels of class-wide emotional and intellectual engagement.
  • 2. Integrated Visual and Performing Arts to purposefully develop literacy.
  • 3. Simultaneous VAK engagement for optimal learning by engaging visual processing and memory, kinetic processing and memory and aural processing and memory.
  • 4. Exposure to spoken, print, visual, media, multimedia and digital texts.
  • 5. Using the engagement and 'memory power' of music, singing, humor and animation.
  • 6. Exposure to multimodal texts.
  • 7. Child related song themes and social issues to ignite curiosity and discussion.
  • 8. Matching song animations with alliteratively-highlighted captions/subtitles.
  • 9. Engaging automatic oral language practice through choral singing.
  • 10. Creating optimum, happy learning environment with social interaction and musical activities.
  • 11. Creation of 'singing-activated', common, oral language and reading text bases - irrespective of the range of vocabulary levels (including ESL) in every mixed ability class.
  • 12. Powerful 'Whole /Part/ Whole' learning from a common, familiarized text to develop and apply speaking, reading and writing skills in meaningful context.
  • 13. Explicit, systematic, balanced and teaching.
  • 14. A balance of social and digital interaction.
  • 15. 'Hand's on' and 'play-based' learning.
  • 16. Multiple, fun, practice/memory strategies.
  • 17. Independent and co-constructed learning opportunities.
  • 18. Reviewing and responding strategies.
  • 19. Scalable, systematic program with themed, curriculum extensions.

At the core of Jazzles ELA success is its exceptional levels of engagement - close to 100%. A 2007 PISA (OECD) study, showed levels of 'engagement' was the single factor that differentiated the nations with the highest and lowest levels of student achievement. Engagement should be a critical, if not the highest rated factor in selection of curriculum resources. If, you believe that, try Jazzles ELA and be surprised.

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In a Missouri Kindergarten, 50% of children on free lunch, 38% achieived year-end literacy in the first trimester. Said the teacher, 'I was astonished to see how much their DIBELS scores improved after incorporating JAZZLES songs.'

How will students learn to listen, communicate, read and write?

  • 1. By responding with imagination and curiosity to a range of spoken, sung, written and multimodal texts in familiar contexts.
  • 2. By using prior knowledge, predicting, making connections, interpreting, discussing and communicating.
  • 3. By reading, viewing and comprehending using context, grammar, phonics and word usage - including high frequency sight words (75% are in Jazzles songs).
  • 4. By responding socially and collaboratively through visual art and performance to extend vocabulary.
  • 5. By listening, mixing and communicating informally and formally with known adults and peers.
  • 6. By thinking creatively, critically and inferentially through creative musical performance, drama and visual art.
  • 7. By music-engaging, automatic practice for activating oral English vocabulary with pitch, intonation and fluency.
  • 8. By identifying features of texts including rhyme, letter patterns and sounds in words in written and spoken texts.
  • 9. By writing and composing texts using familiarized vocabulary, imagination and creativity.
  • 10. By writing using spelling attempts, drawing, images and punctuation.
  • 11. By writing using upper and lowercase letters in handwriting and digital technologies.
  • 12. By reflecting and editing.
  • 13. By co-constructed learning extensions.

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