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Best Arts Integrated ELA Solution

Jazzles is not an Arts-Integrated overnight wonder. It's a product developed every year since 2000 - not by a text book publisher but by Lesley Beth, a working teacher.

Its Lesson Plans continue to evolve based on solid classroom experiences and feedback from teachers.

Lesley remains a committed 'front line teacher', keeping her feet firmly on the ground, working in a variety of schools with students from the privileged to the very poor. Contact Us Lesley Beth - Creative Teacher

Arts Integration Q & A Professional Develpment Speaker

Lesley Beth is an inspiring 'DIY' pioneer for the thousands of educators seeking answers as to how to integrate the Arts into their ELA program. Behind all the Jazzles' laughter and fun, Lesley demonstrates that Arts Integration can have true 'academic rigor' with the potential to overcome 50 years of literacy failure and turn the majority of our children into proficient, even advanced readers.
Lesley is still daily active in all aspects kindergarten teaching including the transition to digital learning. As the creator of the world's only Arts-Integrated Kindergarten ELA Program, Lesley is unfazed by any question, and primed with amusing anecdotes to demonstrate how she uses the Arts to stimulate cognitive and emotional development, achieve universal engagement and motivate creative thinking. Peppered with examples of how to thematically web drama and performing arts to power exceptional levels of engagement, vocabulary and knowledge, Lesley's Jazzles Q&A Vision Series proves you really can bring back 'The Arts' and out perform the plethora of prescriptive curricula blighting our 21st Century students.
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ESL/EFL After-School Tutoring Wide Age Range

Let's face it. Most ESL and EFL programs are just boring!
Jazzles is different!
It transforms children's fear of failure by giving them the opportunity to become karoake stars with lyrics that comes with serious academic rigor! The whole Jazzles ESL/EFL program is based on a systematic introduction of animated songs with English subtitles. The catchy, alliterative songs are just plain addictive, built around letter sounds introduced in a scientific order. Within the Jazzles lyrics, are 77% the most important words in contemporary English as well as over 70% of high frequency sight words. Each song animation is carefully constructed to give visual meaning to the words. So every time kids watch the videos, they are learning letter sounds, letter shapes, word shapes, vocabulary in context, left-to-right directionality in reading and writing as well as gestures and word pitch and tone!
Wow! If you were kid, what type of tutoring would you like? Boring rote or JazzleOke!
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Jazzles ELA has far more creative educational opportunities than your average formulaic curricula favored by universities and big publishers. Here's a few of them!

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