Excelling at Developing Oral Language!FACT! The greater a child's active vocabulary, the greater their reading power!

Jazzles ELA uses multiple mnemonic strategies, particularly mini-drama and song actions, to achieve breadth and depth of word knowledge no matter the child's background!

Explanation: Jazzles ELA excels at developing Concepts about Print using 8 resources that develop these critical early reading skills. This is reflected in the 2008 university supervised CAP outcomes showing statistically significant Pre-Post impacts of using Jazzles in the first semester Kindergarten 2008.
Jazzles ELA strategies, including one commonly used by music teachers, is for children to track the song text while they hear the words and see them on the printed Jazzles lyrics sheet.
Student image above. As students listen and sing with Jazzles printed lyrics, they begin to realize that a printed word matches a spoken word, and words are read left-to- with return sweep.
With Jazzles ELA,this strategy is preceeded with children first following the song lyrics as text in the Jazzles 'Matching Captions' left-to-right, just like in a book.

The Importance of CAP

Johns (1980) found beginning kindergarten print awareness is highly predictive of end-of-year, first-grade reading achievement. The NRP Report ranks print awareness among the best predictors of early reading achievement.

"My kids are learning so much from Jazzles. Yes, their vocabularies are growing. While on the playground, my kids were 'being' Terrifying Tigers; they really had it down pat. It was wonderful to see the joy and excitement they get from the JazzleOke animations."

Unlike the teacher above, parents, even educationalist, sometimes find it hard to perceive how a song-powered, joy filled, program like Jazzles, can be at the cutting edge of closing the literacy gap in the public school system.

Meeting/exceeding the Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten ELA, as Jazzles ELA certainly does, helps!

However, by far the greatest and most unique contribution to beginning reading is the Jazzles combination of a comprehensive, learning-style based pedagogy with carefully crafted song-powered multimedia resources.

Combined, these promote emotional and intellectual engagement at extraordinary levels, and critically, create a high working memory for English language. This important bonus of using catchy music,choral singing and rhythmic movement, is beyond value for children from poor, ELL or NESB homes.

Yes, Jazzles develops all six big ideas of reading, but it is also a 21st Century pedagogy - developing skills of visual literacy, communication, collaboration, inferential and critical-creative thinking, and problem-solving.

At the center of the Jazzles pedagogy is 'word power'.

Understanding words and how to use them, is the single most important factor in reading. It is also the biggest hurdle for our growing number of disadvantaged students. Jazzles excels at vocabulary acquisition - through a combination of sequential, alliterative songs combined with opportunities to explore and expand a depth of word knowledge through creative arts, drama and related topic discussions. Strategies are included in the extensive 'Advanced ELA Lesson Plans'.

It's a fact. The greater a child's active vocabulary, the greater their reading power!
No other program does it as successfully as Jazzles!

Every time children move, use actions as they sing along and track the words in the Jazzles 'Matching Captions' on screen, they are using all three learning styles while engaging both their left and right brain as they experience 'reading' vocabulary in context.

Slot in a weekly JAZZLEOKE Time! It's a great way to develop expressive reading language with confident delivery! You will notice a developing vocabulary and fluency almost immediately!

Just in the Angry Alligator song, there are 58 total words, 42 different words and 17 words beginning with the letter 'a'. Lexical information is contained in each letter's Lesson Plans.

By observing the various, animated characters in these cartoons, children will develop their skills of expressive language, including understanding the concept of 'Augmentative Communication' (adding facial expressions, signs and gestures) to extend their existing ways of communication.

Note: Download the Jazzles 'Advanced ELA Lesson Plans' for 'Blue Bus Blues' below and refer to the section headed 'Developing Oral Language, Comprehension and Communication'.

'Blue Bus Blues'

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